About Technician BD

Technician BD is a leading AC Sales, AC installation, AC repair & AC Rent company in Bangladesh. Technician BD started its journey in 2005. Technician BD owns the most diverse access on AC market in the country with various service such as AC Sales, installation, repair & Rent. Technician BD has an expert team and well-known engineers. Technician BD hopes is to achieve any challenging goal of AC field. Our clients are Corporate Office, Garments Buying House, University, School, Collage, Hospitals, Group of companies, Markets, Bank, Shopping Mall, Multinational Organization, Governments project, Tender Work, and the private business sector and so on.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to the corporate culture of Reliability, Integrity, Consistency, and Efficiency (RICE), and it will continue to be the support pillars that will enable us to hasten delivery of our products and services to our valued clients with the highest quality possible.

What they say about us.

Technician BD always focused on customer satisfaction. customer satisfaction is our Business Assets. We don’t consider our services. So our clients always happy with our services.